Mobile_Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices. It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment.

Is your device really a desktop?

Please help us improve the mobile detection by choosing the correct answer.

This is desktop. Your UA is CCBot/2.0 (

Supported methods tests

Please report any bugs to the issue list specifying the user agent below.

Basic detection methods
Custom detection methods
isiPhone() bool(false)
isBlackBerry() bool(false)
isHTC() bool(false)
isNexus() bool(false)
isDell() bool(false)
isMotorola() bool(false)
isSamsung() bool(false)
isSony() bool(false)
isAsus() bool(false)
isPalm() bool(false)
isVertu() bool(false)
isGenericPhone() bool(false)
isBlackBerryTablet() bool(false)
isiPad() bool(false)
isKindle() bool(false)
isSamsungTablet() bool(false)
isHTCtablet() bool(false)
isMotorolaTablet() bool(false)
isAsusTablet() bool(false)
isNookTablet() bool(false)
isAcerTablet() bool(false)
isYarvikTablet() bool(false)
isMedionTablet() bool(false)
isArnovaTablet() bool(false)
isGenericTablet() bool(false)
isAndroidOS() bool(false)
isBlackBerryOS() bool(false)
isPalmOS() bool(false)
isSymbianOS() bool(false)
isWindowsMobileOS() bool(false)
isiOS() bool(false)
isFlashLiteOS() NULL
isJavaOS() NULL
isNokiaOS() NULL
iswebOS() NULL
isbadaOS() bool(false)
isChrome() bool(false)
isDolfin() bool(false)
isOpera() bool(false)
isSkyfire() bool(false)
isIE() bool(false)
isFirefox() bool(false)
isBolt() bool(false)
isTeaShark() bool(false)
isBlazer() bool(false)
isSafari() bool(false)
isMidori() bool(false)
isGenericBrowser() bool(false)

Other tests

isiphone() bool(false)
isIphone() bool(false)
istablet() bool(false)
isIOS() bool(false)
isWhateverYouWant() bool(false)