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These are just some ideas. I'm looking for some simple class names. Something so simple I can easily remember them. These class names don't work with all styles.

Class namesExplanationExamples
UCUpper CaseI like this one, it's so simple and intuitive.
LCLower CaseJust had to do this.
SubjectLine Description
ThoughtLine Description
Please mail your CSS contributions and Ideas to:
The Caption for this table
This is a TH Table CellThis is another TH Cell
This is a TD cellCSS Tutorials at Google

This is the fieldset legend This is just some text in the Field set.

This is in an H1 tag.

This is in an H2 tag.

This is in an H3 tag.

This is in an H4 tag.

This is in an H5 tag.

This is in an H6 tag.